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We offer free exploration and technical support for your epoxy flooring projects, prepare our offers at competitive prices, deliver our project without compromising theoretical consumption, and offer free control services twice a year within the warranty period. Our company Epokon Grup is an application company that has been performing epoxy flooring applications since 2004 and serving with a wide range of products in its projects. We carry out our applications mainly on specific floors, industrial floors, medical facilities, data center, educational institutions and social living areas and in warehouses, production areas and sports facilities belonging to these areas.

We have branded A + references at home and abroad.
In addition to epoxy coating applications, we also perform dust-free concrete primer, polyurethane floor coating applications, fitness and sports flooring applications. We give our guarantees within the framework of theoretical consumption in the projects we carry out by paying attention to the construction site schedule, keeping a constant supervisor in the project and making continuous reporting.

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Epoxy floor provides a wide variety of color options with its surface smoothness, easy cleaning, preventing bacteria formation, high-strength, long-lasting modern and smooth appearance. It is a decorative floor covering with a thickness of 1mm - 3mm, not affected by chemicals, easy to clean, high mechanical strength. It is ideal for all areas that require dust-free flooring that can be applied in all colors on the epoxy ral chart.

Once the concrete is coated, it is easy to clean as its porous structure will disappear. The application protects the floor from all physical / chemical effects, eliminates its water permeability, acts as a water insulation for the lower floors, and protects the lower floors from moisture and moisture. Since they show antibacterial properties, live microorganisms cannot live or reproduce on it. For this reason, epoxy flooring is preferred in food, food production, food packaging, food packaging industries, pharmaceutical warehouses and pharmaceutical production facilities. Their surfaces are dirt-repellent and easy to clean.

Epoxy floors are a unique option for warehouses or factories that may be exposed to chemicals. The product is suitable for use in areas that are constantly exposed to corrosive / corrosive chemicals. By protecting the floors from physical chemical effects, it minimizes the wear and damage that may occur in the building.

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