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Üretim Alanları Epoksi Zemin Kaplama

If there are problems such as old, worn, deformed, cracked, peeling, rupture in your factory and production areas, you can contact us as Epokon Group for the rehabilitation of your deformed epoxy floors. Our teams of experts on the renewal of the old epoxy coating examine your floors and provide the first day coating performance with proper renovation. Epoxy flooring applications in factories and production areas vary according to the traffic of carrier vehicles such as forklifts and pallet trucks, the nature of the production and the expectations from the floor. For epoxy coating applications related to the floors of your factory, Epokon Group performs the feasibility study by making system and planning on m2 basis with the most affordable costs and epoxy floor coating prices, while doing this work, your expectations from your factory, production areas or warehouse floors are taken into account, your facility's production process and work flow It is taken into account.

In the in-house epoxy floor coating applications, pre-exploration is made and the application period is decided by discussing with the employer in advance. After the application, the curing time of the epoxy floor is notified to the employer and the floors are closed to vehicle traffic for the duration. Epoxy flooring applications are unrivaled applications in food, electronics, pharmaceuticals, packaging, etc. sectors where hygiene and appearance are at the forefront.

Epoxy flooring applications are preferred as a floor coating system in factories, production areas, workshops, warehouses, heavy industrial floors, industry branches that require high precision ( food, defense industry, technology and medicine) and in all sectors. The most important reasons why epoxy floor coating applications are preferred in factories and production areas are;

Epoxy flooring products do not contain solvent and phenol.

It meets the hygiene criteria required by the factory areas and is antibacterial.

When the applications comply with the technical criteria and standard consumption rates, it does not crack or break.

Factory epoxy flooring application has unmatched load resistance. After the epoxy coating is cured, it is resistant to high weights and vibrations.

Factory epoxy flooring applications are very high in acid, alkali and water resistance and do not lose this resistance over time.

Different applications may be required depending on the variety of the production made in the factory and production areas and the expectations from the floor.Epoxy floor coating products consist of different systems and system recommendations are made according to the needs. With the correct system recommendation, factory and production area applications provide the opportunity to use the building with the life of the building.

Epokon Group prepares an application program according to the working conditions of your factory and production areas, completes the epoxy floor coating application as soon as possible, except for extreme conditions, and recommends the most suitable floor coating system by considering the unit costs of the system. It provides control service twice a year after the application. In epoxy floor coating applications, as the prices vary according to each floor and ambient conditions, it definitely determines the most effective application method and system and directs its customers.

Industrial, factory and production areas with Epoko the group epoxy flooring for your application, you can contact each city in Turkey.

Fabrika Zemin