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We, Epokon Group;

We are a dynamic team that has been serving in the epoxy coating , sports floor and floor systems sector since 2004 and growing stronger. We; We have existed with our competencies in the floor sector. We have a long way to go together with our customers, suppliers, engineers and craftsmen. When we look behind us; We have accomplished many successful projects and works. What we have produced, what have we achieved… We made epoxy coating applications specific to our institutions and brands, taking their sensitivities into account. We have carried out projects that will provide the life of the building and the use of the same without compromising theoretical consumption. We are an expert, reliable, creative and experienced team that continues to provide technical service after project delivery.
We; Epokon ...


- Epoxy Self - Leveling Coating

- Epoxy Texture Coating

- Epoxy Paint (Coating)

- Epoxy Multilayer Coating

- Sports Ground Applications

- Polyurethane Self-Leveling

- Decorative Epoxy Coating (Metallic)

- Clean Room, Wall and Floor Applications

- Shooting Range Floor Coating Applications

Honest and Correct Service

We sell services to our customers. In this context, quality and trust are the most important issues for us. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. That's why we love our job and work devotedly in all our construction sites. We owe our long years of industry experience to our old projects dating back many years, who have trusted us and have been our permanent customers.

Warranty by Contract

We definitely sign a contract for our epoxy flooring applications. In this way, we put the warranty conditions we give to our customers on a legal basis. We guarantee material and workmanship from 3 to 8 years. We are the leading company in our sector with the warranty periods we provide in our epoxy, polyurethane and decorative flooring services.

Products with International Certificates

Quality products are one of the two most important factors affecting application quality. We present the test reports and quality certificates of the products offered within this framework to our customers. As Epokon Group, all of the products used for our epoxy floor coating applications have international certificates.

Reasonable price

We offer our products and all applications to our customers at affordable prices without compromising our standards and quality. We offer the best price offers for both industrial flooring services and sports flooring services.

Support after sale

We develop proactive solutions by identifying any problems that may arise during product use in line with customer demand or through periodic visits.