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Epoxy floor coating It has a very high resistance to water, alkali and acid. It has high resistance against pallet truck, forklift and pedestrian traffic. It has visual and decorative features. Epoxy floor coating prices vary according to the floor condition, the system to be applied and the location information. Considering the budget that is long-lasting and cost-effective besides its advantages, m2 unit prices can be obtained. For epoxy floor covering unit m2 prices, contact Epoxy floor coating applications, especially food, plastic, medical, pharmaceutical, automotive, heavy industry, chemistry and textile. The most important expectations in industrial floor applications are weight-resistant, long-lasting, dust-free floors.Epoxy floor coating provides a unique decorative appearance as well as long-lasting, durable and dust-free structure. is the appropriate solution.

Epoxy floor coating applications can be applied with mutual negotiations in operating facilities where production continues. Especially during floor preparation and surface treatment, it should be strictly closed to human traffic.Epoxy flooring applications are unrivaled in areas where CNC machines are located.

Epoxy floor coating applications are mostly applied in areas such as in-plant production areas, warehouses, R&D, laboratories. Epoxy floors are unrivaled flooring systems with their hygiene properties, dust-free floor features.

In general, due to forklift and pallet truck traffic in the factory, they are worried that epoxy floor coating applications will be damaged. However, the most important feature of epoxy flooring systems is that they are more durable than concrete and its derivatives, even though they have thin thicknesses such as 2.00 - 2.50 mm. If used in accordance with theoretical consumption, it preserves its resistance against vehicle traffic for years. Especially in production areas where hygiene is important, epoxy flooring systems are unrivaled and unrivaled applications.

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