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In determining the prices of Epoxy Flooring, the total quantities of the Epoxy Flooring projects, the region where it is located, the purpose of use, the cracked and concrete condition of the floors, the repair status, the soil moisture rates and the climatic conditions of the region are important. Therefore, all of these should be observed and examined before floor prices are given. Floor covering applications are specific flooring systems. The products are produced in liquid form and are chemical. Since the epoxy family has a wide range of products, it has areas of use such as insulation, repair, floor, decorative, and adhesive. For this reason, epoxy floor coating products should be kept separate and evaluated within these product groups. Liquid epoxy flooring products cannot be pre-stocked by entering the production process, even if they have a shelf life due to the different color and even different color tone demands of each customer. After signing a contract with the customer for epoxy coating products, a production order is opened by us to the factory and enters the production process. Epoxy products whose pigmentation application is completed are ready for use by the Epokon Grup expert application team in the construction site.

The first question that Epokon Group naturally faces is the cost of epoxy flooring application and its m2 unit price . After the quantity information is learned, the floors are examined by the expert staff and the working conditions are studied, the net epoxy floor covering m2 unit prices are revealed. We are able to issue clear prices after receiving detailed floor photographs, quantity information, the purpose of use of epoxy floor covering and the system to be applied from our customers outside Istanbul and abroad, after meeting in detail on the phone or face to face or seeing the floors on site. At this point, it may be misleading to announce and present unit prices or to give average prices over the internet or by e-mail. Epoxy flooring costs are determined by many variables. Regardless of your quantity, contact Epokon Group for correct, real and unchangeable epoxy paint and epoxy coating unit prices.

Epoxy flooring applications (regardless of the system) are specific applications. Epoxy products are not stock-kept products and are produced on separate orders for each project. In this respect, it is not possible to give a clear list price. Accurate and most suitable unit price studies can be done by soil investigation, feasibility studies and by calculating the consumption rates varying according to each floor. At this stage, there are some criteria that we ask our customers and need to learn, these are;

The total quantity to be applied, the project location, the purpose of use of the area, the traffic situation the ground will be exposed to, the soil moisture rate, etc.

Consumption rates are determined in the light of the above information. Epoxy primer, epoxy intermediate coat, epoxy top coat products to be used in total are determined on a square meter basis and shared with our customers. The unit price will be the most accurate system and the most suitable unit price. Price offers are presented with prescription and consumption.

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